Artist Statement

Preconception and planning are of no particular interest to me and I avoid letting logic or reality ruin a perfectly good idea. I remain a loyal absurdist who wholeheartedly believes in the science of imaginary solutions.

The viewer is invited to embrace the acerbic humour, the seduction and intrigue of the whole piece. Making sense of the surface detail is not required and the viewing experience should be fluid and relaxed, and most importantly, fun.

The claiming of power and the presumption of exercising it – that murky power represented by the iconic ‘team behind the psychotic dictator’ – is a consistent subject in my work.

By deliberately upsetting the status quo of secret clubs, cliques and fraternities I play with the farce of that power charade. As an essential antidote to the trauma of reality I find it irresistible to poke fun at the surface of truth, the veneer of respectability. In the process I welcome the unpredictability of casual mark-making and am constantly on the lookout for unhappy accidents.

Having worked across many mediums including painting, printmaking, music, film, and ceramics. I currently take my position in the round as it were, on the surface of oversized, classically shaped ceramic pots. Cast from the same mold, each vessel carries an independent evolution of my response in an intuitively ordered chaos of figurative and literal archetypes, words and language. 

What adds to my deep satisfaction in completing a piece, in a final act of chance and panic, is a successful firing (never guaranteed) after so many hours in the making.